City of Chester Charter Trustees

The Charter Trustees for the City of Chester was established in April 2009, following local government reorganisation, to preserve and protect the City of Chester’s historic rights, privileges and traditions which otherwise would have been lost when Chester City Council was abolished.

The main historic rights, privileges and traditions are to appoint a Lord Mayor, a Deputy Lord Mayor and Sheriff of Chester. The Charter Trustees support the office of Lord Mayor so they can undertake their role.

There are currently 27 Charter Trustees and the Lord Mayor is the Chairman of the Charter Trustees. A Charter Trustee is a non-political role and they are made up of those borough councillors representing wards within the historic footprint of the City of Chester. Those wards are:

  • Blacon
  • Chester City and The Garden Quarter
  • Christleton and Huntington
  • Farndon
  • Gowy Rural
  • Great Boughton
  • Handbridge Park
  • Lache
  • Malpas
  • Newton and Hoole
  • Sandstone
  • Saughall and Mollington
  • Tarvin and Kelsall
  • Tattenhall
  • Upton

Each Charter Trustee shall hold office as a trustee until such time as they cease to be a borough councillor for the wards referred to above.

The Charter Trustees, the Lord Mayor, Deputy Lord Mayor and the Sheriff of Chester are funded through a local precept, charged to council taxpayers in the above wards and collected by Cheshire West and Chester Borough Council through council tax bills.

The Charter Trustees are not a town or parish council but is able to enter into contracts, raise funds, and employ staff. There are no provisions within the Regulations for the Charter Trustees to become a grant funding body.

The Charter Trustee Regulations 2009 provide that the Charter Trustees may acquire, or accept gifts of, and hold historic or ceremonial property (other than land and buildings) and, in particular, charters, insignia and plate, relating to the City of Chester and may execute any work (including works of maintenance or improvement) incidental to or consequential on the acquisition, acceptance or holding.

Duties of Charter Trustees are limited to historic ceremonial activities of the Lord Mayor of Chester, the Sheriff of Chester and the Deputy Lord Mayor. These duties also include the protection the City of Chester’s historic rights, privileges and traditions which otherwise would have been lost when Chester City Council was abolished.

The Charter Trustees meet in public four times a year and their agendas can be found at the bottom of this page.

The five objectives of the Charter Trustees:

  • To maintain and promote the historical traditional of the city.
  • To be a civic figurehead for key local, national or international events.
  • To work proactively to meet, visit and support local charities, although not necessarily personally raising money.
  • To support and promote tourism, local communities and good courses in the Chester area.
  • To engage with business community, promoting Chester to investors.

The Council Tax Precept

Depending on where you live in the borough, your Council Tax bill may also include a charge to fund your local town or parish council or charter trustee:

Budgeted gross expenditure

  • 2023-24: £261,873
  • 2022-23: £265,730
  • 2021-22: £236,826


  • 2023-24: (£5,000)
  • 2022-23: (£5,000)

Council Tax requirement/precept

  • 2023-24: £228,649
  • 2022-23: £224,480
  • 2021-22: £207,161

Band D charge

  • 2023-24: £4.63
  • 2022-23: £4.63
  • 2021-22: £4.35

Notice of conclusion of audit for the Annual Governance and Accountability Return (AGAR) for the year ended 31 March 2023 can be viewed here:

Current membership

The City of Chester Charter Trustees is made up of 27 Cheshire West and Chester councillors. The current Chair of the Trustees is the Lord Mayor, Councillor Sheila Little.

The full membership can be viewed on the Cheshire West and Chester Council website:


Financial documents

Meeting agendas and minutes