Etiquette and information

Notes on the attendance of the Lord Mayor of Chester at public functions


The Lord Mayor of Chester shall have precedence in the City of Chester except, of course, in the presence of His Majesty or his representative or in the presence of the Lord Lieutenant of Cheshire (The King’s representative in the borough).


The person who is organising the function should be on hand to meet the Lord Mayor at the entrance on arrival and should introduce him or her to the host or the assembled company.

When the Lord Mayor enters, it is customary for those present to rise and this should be repeated when he or she leaves.


The formal announcement of the Lord Mayor is ‘the Right Worshipful the Lord Mayor of Chester’ .

When speaking to the Lord Mayor, it is usual for him or her to be addressed as ‘Lord Mayor’ and the Lady Mayoress as ‘Lady Mayoress’. However when the Lord Mayor’s Consort is male it should be Lord Mayor’s Consort ‘Mr…’.


Unless the Lord Mayor occupies the Chair, he or she should be seated on the Chairperson’s immediate right.

Toast and speaking

When given, the toast ‘The City of Chester’, follows that of ‘The King’ and except for an introduction it is normal for the Lord Mayor to be the first speaker.

Information about the event

All relevant information about the event should be emailed to at the earliest opportunity and any activity involving the Lord Mayor should have been consented to well in advance.

Attendant and arrangements

The Lord Mayor will normally be accompanied by an Attendant or Chauffeur who should be advised of parking arrangements and the anticipated concluding time of the event, if possible in advance at the address below or on arrival at the event.

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