Past Mayors and Sheriffs

Chester’s Mayors and Sheriffs 1238 – 2009

1238 – 1415

All the Mayors and Sheriffs from William the Clerk and William Saracen, to John Whytmore and John Hope, and John Orton.

1415 – 1615

All the Mayors and Sheriffs from John Walshe and Robert Hop and John Hatton, to William Aldersley, merchant and Richard Aldersley and Rober Bennet

1615 – 1815

All the Mayors and Sheriffs from Thomas Throppe, vinter and Randulph Holmes to John Bedward, carpenter and Titus Chaloner.

1815 – 2009

All the Mayors and Sheriffs from John Cotgreave, Brewer, and Richard Buckley to Brian Bailey and David Hull.

2009 – 2023

All the Mayors and Sheriffs from John Ebo and Hilarie McNae to John Leather and Bob Rudd.

Notable Mayors

Amongst those holding the office of Mayor there have been members of many important local families. Individual Mayors of particular interest include:

Richard the Engineer

Mayor in 1305-06

He was a military architect who helped to build royal castles in North Wales. He was first called before Edward I’s court at Windsor to discuss the construction of bridges across the River Forth.

Robert Brynn

Mayor 1462-63

He was involved in a ‘bloody fray’ at Mold Fair in 1465. The Welsh captured him and took him to a fortress. Legend has it that he was served with a pie containing a rope with which he was then hanged.

Henry Gee

Mayor in 1533-34 and 1539-40

He passed many local laws, including one banning women aged between 14 and 40 from keeping alehouses. He also forbade expensive drinks and dishes being taken to women in childbed. He claimed they were a luxury.

Sir John Savage

Mayor 1569-70 and 1574-75

He attempted to control drinking in ale and beer houses by members of Common Council. It is not known if he was successful.

James Brodhurst

Mayor 1776-77

He tried to stop bull baiting, a campaign in which another Mayor, Henry Hardware the younger (Mayor 1599-1600), had earlier been unsuccessful.